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Note: A message from Riki Irie, owner of Malama Day Spa  (posted Aug 14, 2019)
This is the most difficult post I’ve ever tried to write…. I’ve rewritten it 1,000 times… it’s hard to put nine years of love into one post. But here’s my first attempt at sharing my heart with you.

Malama is my baby; I love Malama. I know many of you love Malama as well. It’s partly why I have waited far too long to make this change.

I am so grateful.. soo soo grateful for the nine years Malama has been a gathering place for so many to give and receive care. I am heartbroken… yet also beyond excited.

Things I thought would never happen became the chapters in my life that have challenged and evolved me and happened FOR ME to become this version of myself. At times it felt like the pieces of my life were falling apart, now I know they were actually falling into place.

After years of reflection, sleepless nights, tears of all varieties, hours of coaching, conversation, meditation and free-form writing, my own self-care requires I let go of Malama Day Spa and gift myself the space to continue my Why… to live a more intentional life. I have never felt more confident in myself or my path as I do in this moment.

Each of us at Malama Day Spa are working on our plans for the future and we will continue to update you along the way… we will let you know where we all land in our community. We will all be around… we all love you.. and we love each other. I could not do this without the support and love of these incredible women in our Malama Tribe. I love you ladies fiercely. We are grateful and so excited for this next chapter for all of us!!  Mahalo, Mahalo, Mahalo for your love!!!

 * Our last day for services and to redeem gift certificates is Friday September 27th. Please go online instead of calling to book your appointments.. we have this really easy website that will hook you up faster than we can call you back! And if you already have appointments booked into October and beyond…dont worry.. we got you! We cant wait to share what we are all up to next! Stay tuned!!